Top 10 Players

1. Holy Vengence
Level: 602915

2. Evil Exequter
Level: 591405

3. Rebecca Starfire
Level: 584802

4. Traki Traki
Level: 583801

5. Corrupted Blade
Level: 583521

6. Wavegave Westle
Level: 580000

7. Sakura Senpai
Level: 576024

8. Princess Arkadia
Level: 575040

9. Mr Kiro
Level: 571100

10. Hallowed Skull
Level: 569300

Most powerful guilds


1032 kills


704 kills


669 kills

New Dominator

379 kills

Double EXP and More!!

Greeting spider loyal players, SpiderStaff has noticed the lack of action around temple lately due to some minor PVP problems that took the fun out of the server, We managed to do some slight changes that may balance things back again, In addition to that we added double EXP for 5 days , gave you the protection from losing EXP [during pvp only] for the next 3 days and 30% discount on VIP medal for 5 days aswell.

Indeed we didn't forget your PVP supplies, stay online to participate in PVP package lottery!

Time to fight!

Posted on: 2017-02-24 19:17:49
The Much Anticipated Update

The update you've long been waiting for (thank you for your continued patience!) has finally arrived and it has a lot in store for you! We've added a ton of new quests, activities, items, and more!

First you need to download our new client from >--here<--


-- New Content --


- Outfits -

  • Added new outfits in the outfitter.
  • Added new quest outfits.
  • Added new monster looktypes to the Outfit Doll and Mr. Beast.
  • Some bosses will drop items that will turn players into specific outfits.


- Quests -

  • Added Imperial Set quest.
  • Added Icicle Rune quest.
  • Added Ferumbras Weapons quest.
  • Added a task for Anti-Drunk Rune.


- Events -

  • Added Apocalypse Zombies.
  • Added Fast Finger.
  • Added Snowball.


- Hunt Areas -

  • Added Gnomvia.
  • Added The Glacier mountain.
  • Added The Silent Forest.
  • Added Orges Camp.


- Towns -

  • Added Goldhaven.
  • Added The Wasteland.


- New Items & Changes -

  • Added new donation items
  • Added Gold, Silver, and Bronze tokens to be turned into Creighton.
  • New mount items.
  • New items added to legend shopper.
  • Decreased attack speed of Death Stick by 100 ms.
  • VIPs must now be in the player's arrow slot to be used.
  • Improved the Outfit Doll's action window.
  • Changed the sprite of the Magic Coin for better aesthetics.


- Others -

  • New command !outfits.
  • New custom client with a lot of features.
  • Achievement System.


- Monsters -

  • Over 35 new monsters
  • 8 New boss


-- Bug Fixes --

  • Fixed a map error in VIP quest that allowed players to skip bosses.
  • Fixed a bug in Hell Demon quest that allowed players to block the boss spawn.
  • Fixed a bug where some houses couldn't be purchased.
  • Added an exit teleport for Dustwallow spawn.


-- Other Server Changes --

  • Changed movement of characters.
  • Changed the speed of characters to be more dependent on level.
  • Lottery prizes were modified to give better prizes.
  • Events have been modified to give better prizes.
  • Special bosses will appear in different locations of the map during world events.
  • NPCs now have trade windows.
  • Added a new bless (Spiritual Shielding) that decreases experience loss by 100%.
  • Added new mounts (including VIP-only mounts).
  • Updated VIP area.
  • All quests are now non-PVP.
  • Removed skill limit on all skills.
  • Increased healing for Knights and Paladins by 20%
  • GMseller now buy some creature products


for any bug report or question don't hesitate to contact any of our staff or email us at

Or you can join our live chat on discord >--here<--
Posted on: 2016-11-06 06:57:00
Happy Halloween!

Starting from today, you have the chance to get your halloween present by killing The mutated pumpkin that attacks warzone every 4 hours, Once it's dead you'll have your halloween reward besides the pumpkin's valuable loot.

As part of this year’s Halloween Event, SpiderOT players will have the opportunity to loot a new item: Halloween Doll. After the update, those lucky to have got a Halloween Doll will be able to unlock a unique outfit.

Posted on: 2016-10-31 14:01:32
Christmas contest winners!

The how do you celebrate Christmas in SpiderOT contest has ended and the winners are

1. Traki Traki won 3500 points

2. Pally Brutal won 2500 points

3. Kiina Master won 1500 points

We would like to thank everyone who participated.

Posted on: 2016-01-09 07:09:56
Happy New Year 2016!

We sincerely wish to everyone a Happy New Year!

May this new year be a step forward, In leading you to new adventures, New roads to explore and new success to reach!

Happy New Year 2016

Remember it's your last chance to exchange your Christmas token with santa.

Posted on: 2016-01-01 05:38:30
Christmas has arrived to SpiderOt!

This year we will celebrate Christmas and the New Year with some especial events. There will be lots of events, a Christmas house decoration contest, and new creatures will come visit us in raids!

The winners and the skilled will be rewarded with Christmas Tokens, which can later be exchanged for some especial Dolls, Surprise Bags and new decoration items.

Christmas Token can be obtained from bosses, raid, lottery and normal server events.

Everyone will also enjoy of double experience gain for the last five days of the year.

So come join us and celebrate with SpiderOt!

Posted on: 2015-12-10 10:20:33
SpiderOT 6th Anniversary

We are glad that we have made it to the 6th Anniversary with your support and loyalty wishing for more entertainment to community,

we have also extended the double experience to another day as you succeeded in killing the Ghastly Dragon which was summoned infront of temple in addition to the PVP modifications.

Posted on: 2015-08-09 06:19:05
SpiderOT 5th Anniversary

Spider staff has found that it's the time to bring back old memories to current players.

Today, we are going to celebrate with the 5th anniversary of SpiderOT after a long successful journey which was based on your help!

Our celebration this time is very special because today you have the chance to fly back in time to the old spider but before this can take place, you need to finish a mission.

Also our celebration includes double exp and 20% extra points on spider shop for 24 hours!

Time for celebration!.

See you in-game

Posted on: 2014-08-08 13:28:02
Login Issue

We have been informed that Microsoft served a federal court order and seized some domain of The [no-ip] company which one of them is

resulting to many players weren't able to login and we had to change our client's domain name so everyone can login, Download client will not be working for everyone anymore so it's prefered for everyone to use as ip.

We apologize for the downtime for some players this issue wasn't under our control, thanks for understanding.